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  • Dan Kohnen said:

    “I pulled out MOG as it would come to the surface. We crushed right from a mini-bin into my trashcan fermentors so I missed some. The valves are for delestage. I don't know what it did for the wine but it was easy to do with my setup. It didn't pull seeds out though. I had a spigot on the bottom too but took it off because I thought it would get in the way. I used a threaded bulkhead fitting to connect on either side of the trash can, threaded a valve on the outside and then treaded a 12" long piece of PVC on the inside with slots cut in to the sides along it's length. I then took an open weave plastic mesh from the plumbing section of the hardware store, and wrapped the PVC pipe so the slots could drain wine but the mesh kept the skins far enough away from the slots to keep the velocity of the wine moving while not clogging. It worked flawlessly. I was trying to replicate the stainless strainer tubes you see for beer mashtuns. My dad then gave me one of those nice stainless tubes. I tried it and it failed horribly. Clogging the entire time. My PVC contraption was perfect. Basically I used the valve rack and return getting the wine more aerated.”  

  • Ryan O'Donnell said:

    “Are the valves for delestage? You find that technique effective? Never tried it...”  

  • Ryan O'Donnell said:

    “Do you pull out any mog? I see some sizable leaves in the mix.”  

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