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Your Batch Tracking Notebook

The VinoTrac wine making platform is designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind at every step of the way. Each new feature we add is created to enhance your ability to produce the best wine possible so note tracking is easier, allowing you to focus on the wine making process.

Easy to use notebook builder

We strive to be unobtrusive. Usable software is software you don't think about. It just works. With our notebook builder, you can log multiple notes, measurements, additions, photos and equipment used, all at once.

Measurement Charts and Reports

As you add your measurement notes, they're plotted on charts for easy viewing. You can also overlay graphs on one another for comparison. Print reports with their values to take them with you anywhere. You can even create custom graphs to track anything you deem important.

Blending Batches is Simple

When you create a blended batch, select from any of your existing batches as the source. Transfer the volume of existing vessels into blending tanks, perhaps leave some behind if you want to continue working on an isolated lot. Either way, single varietals or blended batches are easy to track.

Custom Lifecycle Stages

Lifecycle stage are like folders to organize all your notes within each unique milestone your batch goes through. We help you setup these stages automatically but you're always free to add, remove or changes these anytime. Put your batch through malolactic conversion, cold stabilization, perform a secondary fermentation. Whatever you do, you're in control.

Grape or Country Wines

Whether you're making Chardonnay or plum wine, fermenting white grapes into orange wine or making a rosé wine, VinoTrac can support your notes whatever the source of ingredients may be.

Finished Wine Profiles

Create finished wine profiles for single varietals or complex blends. Note different bottlings in case you do half-bottles, magnums, jeroboams (or any size) with cost breakdowns on juice amounts and supplies used. Never guess what the acid levels on past wines were again.

Know Your True Cost-per-bottle

When you create a finished wine, you can specify the batches, and their value, that are going into the wine as well as all the supplies used during bottling: dressings, labels, bottles and closures. Once you know what your bottle costs are, you can better determine your profit margins!

New, Library or Archived Wines

Orgnizing your wine profiles lets you find your notes quickly. Whether the wine was made last year or 10 years ago, you can always find your notes on any wine in the system.

Wine Notes and Measurements

When you note the wine's acids, pH, alcohol or even residual sugar level, they're always a click away. Include tasting notes and general comments as the wines age so you can remember your thoughts during bottle ageing or throughout the years.

Save Label Artwork and Photos

Include your label artwork of each finished wine for complete record-keeping. Save the front and back label, professional bottle shots or even just pictures of the bottling process.

Equipment and Supplies Inventory

Keep track of your equipment items, supplies and addtives by seeing what is available for use and what is tied up with your other batches. You can also see which items have earned their value back based on how you setup their depreciation even if they're rentals or borrowed.

Vessels, Equipment and Supplies

When you setup profiles for everything in your cellar, you can then assign or use them on your batches to accurately know what is assigned vs. what is available for use. View what is close to expiring, what needs to be re-ordered and what has earned it's value.

Automatic "New Oak" Levels

Creating oak barrels is easy but knowing how much oak flavor remains can get tricky. Whether you consider a barrel neutral after 1, 3 or 5 uses, you define the percentage of oak flavor that is lost per use. See visual indicators to determine at a quick glance where the new oak flavors remain.

Cost Depreciation Options

You have the option to disperse the value of an item however you want. Append the total value on the first batch use, spread the cost across multiple uses or depreciate the cost across years with an anticipated salvage value. For common supplies, setup the cost to deplete based on the amounts applied to a batch.

Multiple Items. One-time Entry.

We've made a tedious process, fast and simple. You can specify unique indexing with prefixing even! Noting a group of barrels from a specific vintage and what number in that batch can be quickly entered by anyone.

Cost Analysis From Batches To Wines

Automatically calculate the usage and amount breakdowns from supplies and equipment as you use and assign them to your batches and finished wines. See exactly where your money goes and where you can improve your cost-per-bottle.

Cost Per Lifecycle Stage

As you use supplies and assign equipment to specific lifecycles stages of a batch, you can see exactly, not just what your batches are worth, but what are the most expensive steps during your unique winemaking approach.

Value of Blend Components

Calculating the value of blended batches gets complicated but it doesn't have to be. Based on the volume of the batches being blended, we transfer only the percentage cost of the volume used from that batch so the value of the total blend is calculated automatically.

Cost Per Bottle

Create finished wine profiles and see what you're actual cost-per-bottle breaks down to after the value of the juice, cost of supplies used during bottling and any equipment used are applied. Once you know your true cost-per-bottle, you can better forcast your profit margins!

Batch Tasks and Event Calendar

Setup one-time reminders or recurring events for your batches. Each batch has their own calendar of events to add any kind of task. Now there's no excuse to not stay on track and miss your days to test or times to make additions!

Specific Batch Calendars

Setup one-time or recurring events so you're never left wondering what's next. Your events calendar let's you see all your batch-specific events together or individually, automatically color coded, so you can see your entire's cellar activity in a single view. When you're ready, simply convert the event into a batch note and post to the batch saving you the extra step.

Printable Task Lists

From your dashboard widget, view current, upcoming or past events and easily print the list. Go into the cellar and know exactly what to do or distribute it to your cellar workers so they know what's expected of them.

Batch Summary Emails

Receive an automated email summarizing all your batches, their latest measurements, notes and activity. Stay informed and share it with any key individuals. Easily change the delivery frequency during peek or slow times of the year too.

Vessel Tracking Using QR Codes

Simply print a tracking slip for any active vessel and append it to your vessel as you normally would. Use any mobile device with any QR code reader and scan the vessel code. Through a mobile-friendly interface, you can append any measurement, action, addition or note and have it saved to your batch profile. No expensive hardware or app required.

No extra hardware or apps

Our vessel tracking solution utilizes free, open-source technology so you'll never need expensive scanners or proprietary barcode printers. All that's required is any free QR-code scanner and your existing mobile device.

Mobile-optimized Notebook Interface

After you scan the QR-code, it will launch the device's web browser where you'll see a mobile-optimized interface of the VinoTrac system where you can post notes in the same manner as you do on your desktop computer.

Tracking Slips: Large or Small.

We give you the option to view all active tracking slips in large or small format that are print-ready with just a single click. Select only the tracking slips you want printed.

Custom Crush Portal with Email Notifications

If you make wine for other people, keeping them informed can be tedious. Our solution lets you segment your batches per brand and they'll get emailed of their batch activities then can login to their custom online portal to communicate and post comments.

Create Brands

When you create a brand and define brand members, these people can follow the assigned batch activity through emailed batch summaries. You can also think of brands as clients or customers if you're making wine for people or companies.

Automatic Batch Activity Emails

When you assign your batches to a particular brand, the owner and members will automatically receive an email summarizing the latest activity. This notification email can even be customized with your logo and colors to help reinforce your business!

Custom Client Portal

Let your brand owners and members login to your custom portal (e.g. with your own logo and colors reinforcing your business in the custom crush space. Within the portal, they can view the note of batches assigned to them and append their comments to your notes; helping you build a stronger relationship with your customers.