What is VinoTrac?

VinoTrac is a secure, self-serve hosted service that provides wine makers large and small, the easiest way to track wine batch notes, measurements, equipment and additions all while calculating costs and improving production efforts.

5 reasons VinoTrac helps winemakers

The VinoTrac wine making platform was designed with one thing in mind: easily track the production of a batch of wine. Our goal is to facilitate a simpler, more affordable way for winemakers to track their wine making production, better manage their costs and leverage easy-to-use tools to help produce the best wine possible.

  • Stay organized

    Ever forget to save that spreadsheet after making changes? Or couldn't find that paper you scribbled your initial brix and acid readings? Keep all notes in your online notebook where everything is nicely organized and easy to find again.

  • Know your cost-per-bottle

    Not sure where your money is going? With every piece of equipment and every addition, you can include the price and how that price should be appended to every batch so you know exactly where your costs are and how to correct any over-spending.

  • Know what was added, when and how much

    Forget when (of worse, if) you added that vital amount of DAP? With our batch activity pages, you can easily look at a snapshot of every note to see not only if the note was entered but exactly wat day and time.

  • Easy to use

    We take great pride in the design and ease-of-use of this platform. There's no steep learning curve to using VinoTrac but if you every do need help, we have free online tutorials and documentation at your fingertips just in case.

  • Know exactly what items are available for use

    Our equipment inventory allows you to manage every item in your cellar. From the large destemmers down to the few grams of enzymes. Whether you make a one-time addition or tie up your barrels for a year, you'll always know what you have available to use in any batch.